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Humble Thank-You Note Marks Kennedy’s First Step to the White House

It is an American myth that John F. Kennedy, despite his shortened term as President, brutally terminated by an assassin’s bullet, was one of the most beloved of presidents. He was a symbol of youth for the emerging baby boomers who were just coming of age; he was a war hero; his ideas were imaginative […]

Yale University and Philanthropy

In honor of his ancestor the Reverend James Pierpont, John K. Castle of Castle Harlan sponsors a lecture series known as The Castle Lectures.  These lectures seek to “promote reflection on the moral foundations of society and government and to enhance the understanding of ethical issues facing individuals in our complex modern society.” Philanthropy is […]

Anthropology: America’s Immigrants

Taking a look at news on the subject of anthropology America, it seems that according to a new report put together by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, US immigrants are arriving from different regions than they were say 20 years ago.  It has been a slow but steady change.  In the early […]

Rejuvenation of Ecosystems

  Two US ecosystems – that have for a long while been nothing more than relics – have recently been designated by the National Park Service as national natural landmarks.  The landmarks are the Wade Tract Preserve (southern Georgia) and the Zumwalt Prairie (Oregon).  According to Jonathan B. Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, […]

New Mexico: Zarsha Leo Restaurant-Bar

For those who like eating their fries and sliders at a bar with an edge, they will be happy to learn about Zarsha Leo.  This new restaurant-bar franchise, headquartered in NYC, has started to expand, not only throughout the nation, but also internationally. Meanwhile, work is being undertaken to develop the bar’s presence throughout different […]

Charity Begins in Colorado

Employees from ViaWest – a  Colorado data center company – gave even more donations than last year in the charity-giving program.  The program is for employees to give a donation and to be matched by the company.  Well, at ViaWest in Colorado, clearly charity begins at home (or at the office) since the average donation […]

Culture Enrichment in Hawaii

More than one hundred events and programs will receive funding from the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) for the 2012 Country Product Enrichment Program.  A budget of $1.6m for the 2012 fiscal year will be used. A huge variety of events will take place under this program, such as Honolulu’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s Narcissus Festival, […]

Culture in Kansas

If you are looking for a fun time in Kansas City and you want an exciting drink or two as well, you are in the right place. It is now becoming known as one of America’s “next great cocktail cities.” This may come as a surprise to those from other states in America but Kansas […]

Rhode Island to Save Energy and Costs

By the end of February 2012, various state buildings will have their roofs fitted with solar panels, which will save energy in the state. Much of the financing for this project will come from federal stimulus funds.  Beaches, parks and other areas will be getting the panels in the cities of: Charlestown, Exeter, Narragansett, North […]