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Mesa Verde National Park Discovery

A recent discovery was made in Colorado at the Mesa Verde National Park.  It seems that what has been considered for a long time to have been an Ancestral Puebloan water reservoir – that has been standing for a thousand years – may not have actually been erected to store water. Instead, it seems that […]

Charity Begins in Colorado

Employees from ViaWest – a  Colorado data center company – gave even more donations than last year in the charity-giving program.  The program is for employees to give a donation and to be matched by the company.  Well, at ViaWest in Colorado, clearly charity begins at home (or at the office) since the average donation […]

Catching Some Colorado Culture

A lot is going on in Colorado culturally right now.  If you  happen to be planning a visit to the state, you might want to do so around upcoming events and activities.  For example, next spring, the Denver Zoo will be privy to an Asian Tropics exhibit (that took $50m to construct), marking the largest […]