New Haven

New Haven is located on the Northern Shore of Long Island Sound, on New Haven Harbor. It is comparable in size to Hartford also with about 125,000 residents. New Haven was founded in 1638, making it one of the country’s oldest cities. In 1639, just one year after the founding of the city, eight streets were laid out in a grid pattern of four streets on four streets, which created the city planning style known as the “Nine Square Plan.” This design is a recognized style by the American Institute of Certified Planners as a National Historic Planning Landmark.

New Haven is sometimes called “The Elm City” due to its canopy of mature trees. This is because New Haven sponsored the very first public tree planting program in the United States, which we are now reaping the beautiful benefits of.

New Haven houses the world famous Ivy League University, Yale. Yale University plays a major role in the city’s economy while health care facilities, biotechnology, legal, architectural, marketing, and financial services in addition to retail trade, form the foundation of the economic life of the city.