US Town Names

Some Remain “Nameless”

Years ago, it wasn’t so easy getting a name for your town in the United States of America.  Indeed, in 1880, a very small Travis County community set about the task as they wanted to get a post office in their town.  But a post office requires a town name!  So the community locals made an application, which was denied.  The next two suggestions were also rejected. Once they were up to six “no’s” a note of frustration and anger was sent to the US postmaster: “Let the post office be nameless and be damned!”  And that is why there is a town in Texas called Nameless.

It makes you wonder how the town in Oregon got its name of Boring

But alas, it’s not quite as “exciting” as one may think (although the people of Boring use the slogan “the most exciting place to live”). The way its name came about was from a Union veteran named Boring who came to Oregon after the Civil War, having served with the 33rd Illinois Infantry, Company D.  He died at the ripe old age of 91, being buried with his wife at the Damascus Pioneer Cemetery.  In 1903, the post office was established and named after him: Boring, and thereafter his name was taken on for the community.

So, when you take a look at other interesting town names in America, you might first want to do a little bit of research before jumping to what are hopefully the wrong conclusions in some cases, such as: Hooker, Oklahoma, and Dicktown, New Jersey.  Still, I for one wouldn’t mind living in a place called Santa Claus, Georgia, should its name be at all meaningful and it enjoys Christmas every day…