Kansas is in Midwest America, and got its name from Kansas River (which runs through it).  The river name came from the tribe Kansas which was once residing there.  Many years ago Kansas was inhabited by scores of nomadic Native Americans who hunted bison.  European Americans settled the land in the 1830s but it was the pace of settlement only accelerated two decades later during wars centering around the slavery issue.  It was in 1854 that the government opened it to official settlement and this led to fights between pro-slavery settlers and free-staters. This time became known as Bleeding Kansas.  Today, those who live in Kansas today are known as “Kansans.”  For those visiting, they might want to check out: John Brown’s cabin at Osawatomie, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Riley, the Eisenhower Memorial Museum and Presidential Library at Abilene and the Kansas History Center at Topeka.

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