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Places NOT to Travel to in 2018

Now this is an interesting idea. We spend so much money on our vacations, and they take so long to plan, that you certainly want to go somewhere that you’ll enjoy. CNN has recently covered 12 places NOT to travel this year, and the list is worth reading. After all, when so many people visit […]

The Top Places to Visit in 2018

If you have your heart set on traveling in 2018, then CNN is the place to look. They’ve just put together a list of 18 must-see locations for the year ahead. Here is a quick glance of a few of them. To get the full picture, pop over to their site and relish in the […]

Making Your Holiday Home in Vietnam

While traditionally Florida and California seem to have been popular locations for people to purchase second homes in the US (with France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Canada for foreign locations) there is a lovely new way to branch out for those looking for a gorgeous destination. As part of the new luxury Resort Vietnam location […]

Spring is Here and its Time to Say “We Love Jazz!”

April is “Jazz Appreciation Month,” also known as JAM! In honor of this wonderful month which is a delight to the ears, let’s talk about a few of the young, up and coming jazz musicians of our day. I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word ‘Azerbaijan,” but I think of […]

US Anthropologist Becomes Voice of the Dead

Two organizations – the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command and the US Army Central Identification Laboratory were the driving force behind a team of scientific anthropologists who are in the process of investigating American military remains that were unearthed in places around the world. As part of this project, head of the team, forensic anthropologist Marcella […]

Vero Beach Excavation

Archaeologists are set to resume a Vero Beach, FL, excavation that is more than 13,000 years old.  If successful, it could suggest that mankind has been in North America longer than is believed by most industry excavators. The site was originally discovered in 1915 during which time saber tooth cats, mammoths and ground sloths were […]

World’s Largest Dinosaurs Visit America

Kids love dinosaurs.  So it’s fun to take them to a museum displaying them.  The traveling exhibition entitled “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs” has so far been enjoyed by both children and adults alike.  It was first displayed at the Museum of Prairiefire, Kansas City, marking the beginning of 20 such exhibits to be shown by […]

Geography America – Giant Traveling Maps Program

The public programming section of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Live, has a project to promote geography America in schools.  The plan – that began around six years ago – was set up to help students learn about geography America on a much larger scale than they have been to date.  Indeed, at the […]

Science and Religion: Two Opposing Forces in Society?

For centuries, religious leaders and scientists have lived in conflict. In many cases, the two beliefs seem to contradict. People with firm religious beliefs have a hard time accepting other possible explanations for the world around them, and scientists struggle to understand the significance of a theory that lacks empirical roots. There are many experts, […]

Society America: Scientific Data

  Since 2008, individuals – both professional and volunteers – interested in various scientific aspects of society America have been working toward gaining data on the “important phases in the annual life cycles of plants and animals.”  This has been coordinated through ‘Nature’s Notebook,’ a multi-taxa phenology observation program based in Virginia.  The idea behind […]