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Banking Looking Up in Florida

According to Go Banking Rates, there were no banks in 2013 in Miami or South Florida that went under. The real estate sector boosted the banks in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties during 2013. As Richard Brown, the chief economist of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., said in an interview, “Things are getting better. […]

Helping Women Get into and Stay in Business

There are many organizations which work hard to get women into the workforce, especially helping them to achieve a certain level of independence through the establishment of their own businesses. Among these innovative and vital programs are the Office of Women’s Business Ownership- a branch of the United States Small Business Administration; Mujeres d Éxito- […]

San Diego Charles Brandes on Middle East Investments

When one invests, there are a lot of issues to take into consideration.  Along with the fiscal issues plaguing potential investments, the “geopolitical developments of the Middle East” have to be taken into consideration. This is an issue Brandes Investment Partners, LP, has been aware of in recent times.  According to the firm’s investment director, […]

Profiles in History: John Deere Innovation

About 175 years ago a blacksmith named John Deere discovered an innovative way to help the hardworking farmers that lived around him near his home in Grand Detour, Illinois. Deere, who produced the usual equipment necessary for prairie life like hayforks, horseshoes and more, was inspired by a broken steel sawmill blade. Deere knew that […]

Creative Incentives to Boost Business

According to the Wall Street Journal, smaller and regional banks are offering big incentives to draw new business. Their efforts are especially focused on jumbo mortgages in hopes of cultivating banking relationships with high-net-worth individuals. According to, banks are “slashing fees or allowing borrowers to roll some of the fees into the mortgage instead […]

The Wage Gap in Virginia

A recent report shared that the difference between the top 10% and bottom 10% of earners in Virginia is the widest in thirty years, second only to New Jersey. The report, published by the Commonwealth Institute, revealed that the top 10% made a minimum of 5.7 times more than the bottom earners. Michael Cassidy, the […]

Jellyfish Eat Up Fishing Business Along the Coasts of Alabama and Mississippi

Natural disasters have been popping up around the world recently, the latest of which being slightly unusual. Affecting fishermen and shrimpers along the coasts of Alabama and Mississippi, jellyfish have clogged the northern waters of the Gulf of Mexico. One year ago, the same fishermen were left to deal with the consequences of the BP […]

“Missouri Get Your Business Online” Helps Small Businesses Establish Online Presence

To many, it seems obvious that all modern-day businesses have online presences. However, while 97% of Americans look for local services on the web, only 63% of small businesses have any information available there. So while it may be true that “the nation’s 27.5 million small businesses comprise half the US GDP and create two-thirds […]

Good Economic News: Port of Miami in Growth Mode

While the rest of the US economy seems to be in slow growth mode or in some sectors stagnating, work is continuing apace as a $1 billion tunnel is being dug in the Port of Miami. The tunnel will connect Dodge Island to area highways, while this summer will bring forth the beginning of work […]

Relais & Chateaux Luxury Collection

To be included in the Relais & Chateaux collection of inclusively luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants is a great honor for any hotel or restaurant owner. Here, we offer a list of a few of the finest hotels that are included in this exclusive list of 480 of the finest locations in 55 countries. First […]