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US Town Names

Some Remain “Nameless” Years ago, it wasn’t so easy getting a name for your town in the United States of America.  Indeed, in 1880, a very small Travis County community set about the task as they wanted to get a post office in their town.  But a post office requires a town name!  So the […]

Kevin Durant Plays Flag Football With Kids of OKC

On Monday, the NBA Star tweeted “This lockout is really boring…anybody playing flag football in okc… I need to run around or something!” George Overbey, a player on Sigma Nu fraternity’s intramural flag football team at Oklahoma State, replied immediately, with little hopes he’d actually hear back from from Kevin Durant. But he was wrong; […]

The Wage Gap in Virginia

A recent report shared that the difference between the top 10% and bottom 10% of earners in Virginia is the widest in thirty years, second only to New Jersey. The report, published by the Commonwealth Institute, revealed that the top 10% made a minimum of 5.7 times more than the bottom earners. Michael Cassidy, the […]

Country Singers Perform at Benefit Concert in Texas

With fires scorching 900 acres around Possum Kingdom Lake, country singers have flocked to Texas for a benefit concert in support of volunteer fire departments. In April and May, the volunteers fought powerful wildfires, losing a lot of equipment. According to event organizers, the concert will feature Pat Green, Lee Ann Womack and Stoney Larue. […]

Hines Ward: A Steeler and a Trophy-Winning Dancer

Hines Ward, Steelers wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP, now has another reason to make Pittsburgh proud- the Mirror Ball Trophy!Competing with Chelsea Kane with partner Marl Ballas, and Kirstie Alley with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Ward and his partner Kym Johnson dazzled the crowd with their final Samba performance. The pair wore yellow and black, and […]