Culture in Kansas

If you are looking for a fun time in Kansas City and you want an exciting drink or two as well, you are in the right place. It is now becoming known as one of America’s “next great cocktail cities.” This may come as a surprise to those from other states in America but Kansas City is truly where it’s at these days. According to Manifesto (bar) owner Ryan Maybee, Kansas City’s drinking culture is quite laid back and its bartenders take pride in their work.  In addition, there is no snobbery on what you’re drinking – from top quality cocktails made from freshly-brewed grenadine, to those who just want their beer, whiskey or glass of white wine. It’s just a friendly, non-judgmental, everyone is welcome, Cheers kinda vibe.

There are other bars that are becoming popular in the area too.  For those who want to check out what Kansas City has to offer vis-à-vis food and cocktails with a difference, the Westport Café and Bar serves a cool Whiskey Smash (a mixture of peaches, honey-lavender syrup and bourbon) to scare away those winter chills.  And then there is the Rum flip made from “strudel juice” that is the signature drink at Grunhauer.  Pair some of these with the barbecue food Kansas City is famous for and you’ve got yourself a great night out.  You may want to walk there though and take a cab home though!