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Marking 150 Years of Heroes’ Death

America has witnessed a few anniversaries of deaths of soldiers recently. Different communities in various states find ways to memorialize these days. Between ceremonies and monumental dedications, readings and more, here are a few highlights of such events. Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne died on a trip he took with best friend US President Franklin Pierce around […]

California Prepares to Boost Earthquake Fault Line Map Efforts

California experiences earthquakes on a regular basis, and small to medium shocks are almost common procedure. However, as history has shown, the fault lines that cut across the state can have much more dangerous effects. The 1906 earthquake that hit San Francisco was especially devastating, taking hundreds of lives, leveling dozens of buildings and starting […]

North Carolina: New Dinosaur Discovery

It seems like the T.Rex might be getting a run for its money.  Now that the Siats meekerorum has been discovered by paleontologists at North Carolina State University, this could mean the T. Rex will have to share some of the attention it has been getting for the last gazillion years.  It seems that this […]

US Natural Gas Companies: The Lowdown

When it comes to gas suppliers throughout the nation, America has a variety of choices, depending on what is a priority for the consumer.  This article spotlights two companies that focus their gas supply on the more natural element – American Natural and ConocoPhillips. American Natural seeks to “provide freedom and flexibility to today’s modern […]

Remembering JFK This Week

News organizations and companies around the country are getting ready to mark the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. The anniversary, which will be on November 22, certainly opens up old wounds for many. NBC News is marking the anniversary with a week-long series of special reports. These will culminate in a two-hour primetime documentary. This […]

Time Capsules Nationwide

One hundred years from Thursday 17th October 2013, Harvard anthropologists will be able to open a 100-year-old time capsule.  In the time capsule is: a used Post-it pad, a first-generation iPhone, Wednesday 16th October’s edition of ‘The Crimson,’ and a can of Coke Zero.  The installment of this time capsule took place at the Tozzer […]

Grand Central Centennial

The Grand Central rail terminal is approaching 100 years.  On Friday 8th February, it will be marking this milestone with a celebration of speeches, a brass band and a cake depicting the infamous multi-million dollar clock.  This date is exactly 100 years to the day of when the station master received the key to Grand […]

Las Vegas Fossils

In June 2012, two interesting, somewhat unique fossils were discovered in Las Vegas.  It is said that they belonged to a saber-toothed cat and were unearthed by a team of paleontologists from San Bernardino County Museum, CA. It is believed that the fossils are front leg bones of the cat which existed from 42 million […]

PA Kids to Learn Hindi

Starting next semester, the Bensalem Township School District (BTSD) will be offering its students the opportunity to learn how to speak, write and express themselves in Hindi (India’s official language).  Rajan Zed, Indo-American statesman and chair of the Indo-American Leadership Confederation, welcomed this development, commending BTSD for making this offer to high school kids.  In […]

Florida: Native American Culture Discoveries

A whole slew of Native American culture – such as pottery shards; coral arrowheads; blue clay and more – has been discovered recently in various parts of Florida.  First discoveries were made close to Wares Creek and Ellenton.  Riverbanks were scoured by someone looking for clay to make special creations that later became extremely hot […]