Country Singers Perform at Benefit Concert in Texas

With fires scorching 900 acres around Possum Kingdom Lake, country singers have flocked to Texas for a benefit concert in support of volunteer fire departments. In April and May, the volunteers fought powerful wildfires, losing a lot of equipment. According to event organizers, the concert will feature Pat Green, Lee Ann Womack and Stoney Larue.

Four ranchers from Palo Pinto Country thought a benefit concert would be a good idea, and founded the non-profit Buckets and Boots Foundation.

“We really saw the heart and spirit of this county and its people, firefighters, police officers, everyone,” said Craig James, one of the ranchers and a college football analyst for ESPN. “We saw what they did to protect us, and we wanted to help them in some way.”

James explained that the concert tickets cost $100, while firefighters may attend free of charge. Musicians are also performing for free, and all concert proceeds will go to firefighters and law enforcement agencies, for new equipment.

Fire Chief Garth Flack said the Possum Kingdom West will need to re[place a broken pump motor, lights on a truck, several ruined suits and gloves, and a handheld radio.

“We were fighting fires day and night for 27 days, and a lot of our equipment got torn up,” he said before thanking the community for their efforts.