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Marking 150 Years of Heroes’ Death

America has witnessed a few anniversaries of deaths of soldiers recently. Different communities in various states find ways to memorialize these days. Between ceremonies and monumental dedications, readings and more, here are a few highlights of such events. Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne died on a trip he took with best friend US President Franklin Pierce around […]

Mesa Verde National Park Discovery

A recent discovery was made in Colorado at the Mesa Verde National Park.  It seems that what has been considered for a long time to have been an Ancestral Puebloan water reservoir – that has been standing for a thousand years – may not have actually been erected to store water. Instead, it seems that […]

US Anthropology and the Lego Revolution

Top executives at Lego have been using German and US anthropology in their road to continued success.  This was done by placing anthropologist researchers into families, seeing how they interact, and, with a special focus on their play. In an attempt to get Lego back on track, executives sought to demystify the notion that customers […]

Spring is Here and its Time to Say “We Love Jazz!”

April is “Jazz Appreciation Month,” also known as JAM! In honor of this wonderful month which is a delight to the ears, let’s talk about a few of the young, up and coming jazz musicians of our day. I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word ‘Azerbaijan,” but I think of […]

New Americans US Society Integration

A non-profit organization to help support immigrant groups throughout America was recently launched by Henry Cisneros.  The former Mayor and Housing Secretary and current CityView Executive Chairman, set up the Cisneros Center to “identify best practices among these groups and promote an immigrant “road map” to accelerate their integration into U.S. society.”  The idea was […]

US Anthropologist Becomes Voice of the Dead

Two organizations – the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command and the US Army Central Identification Laboratory were the driving force behind a team of scientific anthropologists who are in the process of investigating American military remains that were unearthed in places around the world. As part of this project, head of the team, forensic anthropologist Marcella […]

Banking Looking Up in Florida

According to Go Banking Rates, there were no banks in 2013 in Miami or South Florida that went under. The real estate sector boosted the banks in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties during 2013. As Richard Brown, the chief economist of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., said in an interview, “Things are getting better. […]

California Prepares to Boost Earthquake Fault Line Map Efforts

California experiences earthquakes on a regular basis, and small to medium shocks are almost common procedure. However, as history has shown, the fault lines that cut across the state can have much more dangerous effects. The 1906 earthquake that hit San Francisco was especially devastating, taking hundreds of lives, leveling dozens of buildings and starting […]

Vero Beach Excavation

Archaeologists are set to resume a Vero Beach, FL, excavation that is more than 13,000 years old.  If successful, it could suggest that mankind has been in North America longer than is believed by most industry excavators. The site was originally discovered in 1915 during which time saber tooth cats, mammoths and ground sloths were […]