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New Americans US Society Integration

A non-profit organization to help support immigrant groups throughout America was recently launched by Henry Cisneros.  The former Mayor and Housing Secretary and current CityView Executive Chairman, set up the Cisneros Center to “identify best practices among these groups and promote an immigrant “road map” to accelerate their integration into U.S. society.”  The idea was […]

Panama Discovery

A dozen stones were recently discovered in the archaeological mound of Casita de Piedra, at the Isthmus of Panama. It marks the earliest evidence of practicing shamanism in Central America. The question is, why were stones brought in bags around 4,000 years ago? According to some Panamanian historians, these were used in the practice or […]

Chaim Weizmann Sends Thanks to America for Their Support

President of the new State of Israel, he had many people to thank. First securing a future for Israel on November 29th, 1947 with the Partition of Palestine, Israel then became a recognized state on May 14, 1948. Prior to serving such an esteemed role in the development of the Jewish State, Weizmann was a […]

Between the Lines: Ronald Reagan

This year is the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth. The 40th president of the United States, Reagan was well known for his laid back attitude and his sense of humor, and his popularity has brought on many tributes and exhibitions in his honor, this year. On Monday, July 4th, a ten-foot statue of the smiling […]

Business Etiquette in Malaysia

Certainly, if you are traveling overseas for business, it’s important to know the culture to which you are headed.  The more familiar you are with their customs and practices, the more comfortable you will be while there; and the less likely you will be to make a social or business mistake.  Many business people such […]