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Geography America and the Aging Population

A recent workshop took place entitled, “How Changing Demographics Will Impact America’s Urban Revival.” Participants were: Elizabeth Kneebone and Margery Austin Turner, hailing from the Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution and Urban Institute Program Planning and Management. The gist of what came out of the discussion was geared toward policymakers and their impact on […]

Geography America – Giant Traveling Maps Program

The public programming section of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Live, has a project to promote geography America in schools.  The plan – that began around six years ago – was set up to help students learn about geography America on a much larger scale than they have been to date.  Indeed, at the […]

Geography America: Supermarket Watch

To form an understanding of the diversity in geography America’s landscape, one angle is assessing the country’s food and supermarket changes over the years over various regions.  There are many different types of supermarkets, based often on the nation’s geographical boundaries and preferences.  But even so, the staples carried in the markets are largely the […]

Geography America

Geography America has undergone significant changes since the Great Recession, most notably from 2007.   Various suburbs – especially those in the Southern region – are turning into slums as many individuals are returning to dense core cities. Also of note is what was discovered by demographer Wendell Cox in his analysis. Almost all 20 states […]