Geography America – Giant Traveling Maps Program

giant-traveling-mapThe public programming section of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Live, has a project to promote geography America in schools.  The plan – that began around six years ago – was set up to help students learn about geography America on a much larger scale than they have been to date.  Indeed, at the Schuylkill Valley Middle School in Leesport, PA, students are going to be benefiting from a 35 by 26 foot map of North America thanks to the Giant Traveling Maps Program.  Sixth graders have been using the map to study longitude and latitude Friday.

As well as being a map, there are America geography adventures, world atlases, interactive games and more that enable students to learn about the continent’s physical characteristics, culture and history.  While initially the map just had Africa, it has since expanded and now includes North America, Asia, South America, Europe and the Pacific Ocean.

This project is proving to be a fun way for kids to interactively learn about geography America.