Yale University and Philanthropy

yale-universityIn honor of his ancestor the Reverend James Pierpont, John K. Castle of Castle Harlan sponsors a lecture series known as The Castle Lectures.  These lectures seek to “promote reflection on the moral foundations of society and government and to enhance the understanding of ethical issues facing individuals in our complex modern society.”

Philanthropy is an important part of Yale University’s philosophy. For the last eight years, the University has organized a Philanthropy Conference.  Chaired by Patrick Briaud, Lisa Nussbaum and Theresa Wilson, this gathering each year “explores salient topics in philanthropy to foster dialogue, strengthen networks, and cultivate leadership.”

Last month, as part of the Castle Lecture series, one topic was addressed by Peter Singer and Ira W. DeCamp.  The title, “Effective Altruism” enabled them to inform the audience how they live their lives altruistically and the choices that they make to make this lifestyle possible.

This is one way forward for American society.  The Castle Lectures, together with the Philanthropy Conference, are indicative of Yale University adopting a philanthropic-based philosophy in its work.