New York’s New Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

This week, New York has celebrated one huge engagement party as hundreds of same-sex couples rush to fulfill their often years-long dreams of marriage following the state’s new bill.

Signed by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo late last Friday, the same-sex marriage legislation is expected to increase New York’s economy by $284 million. A report by the Independent Democratic Conference estimated more than 21,000 same-sex marriages in the state over the course of the next three years, and added that around 42,000 couples would travel to New York for “destination weddings.”

Tim Ford, and actor now engaged to his partner of 18 years, said “It makes you feel like we’re equal, that we can celebrate with friends in New York and not have it be, in some people’s eyes, not recognized.” He added, “We waited for this day for a very long time. It’s very emotional.”