iPhone 4 Survives Skydiving Fall

The iPhone 4 has a reputation as a fragile device; a mere fall from a table has been known to crack the glass.

It’s not surprising that Jarrod McKinney of Minnesota was “just absolutely shocked” when his iPhone fell from his pocket while skydiving; and survived! When it fell during a 13,500 feet jump, McKinney thought it was gone.
However, he found the device on top of a building near his landing spot. The glass surfaces were all shattered.

Diving instructor Joe Johnson explained that he and a group of friends had watched from the ground as McKinney located his phone at the top of the building. As a joke, Johnson called the phone, and was shocked when it worked.

When McKinney felt the iPhone vibrate, he started laughing.
“They were all like ‘it works! It works!” he said.

A Consumer Reports tech editor named Mike Gikas found the story amusing as the iPhone 4 often has reception problems. He joked that dropping it from a plane is the “proved method for fixing the antenna problem.” Of the fall he said “I think that can happen. I think water is harder to deal with than shock.”