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Presidential Tensions and Tribulations: The Shapell Manuscript Foundation

Very often, Presidents and Vice Presidents have tension between them.  They have been brought together for political purposes, not because of a strong friendship or a desire to work together. Furthermore, while the President is busy with vital decisions, the Vice President is often relegated to the sidelines and to the courtesy work. Gaining insight […]

Virginia Eartquake Rattles Millions

Hundreds of people took to the streets when a 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck in Virginia, spreading tremors along the East Coast. Though no major injuries or extensive damage were reported, a power plant in Virginia was shut down, and buildings and offices were evacuated as well. Cell phone service was affected by the sudden surge in […]

Ohio Crosses Endangered Species Off the List

Much to the relief of nature enthusiasts in Ohio, the Lake Erie watersnake has been removed from the federal list of endangered and threatened wildlife as a result of over a decade of hard work. Along with the announcement, the Interior Department explained that the state has been working to protect both the species and […]

Wisconsin Recall Elections Disappoint Democrats

Despite millions of dollars and endless work invested by Democrats and union groups, only two Republican state senators lost their seats in recall elections throughout Wisconsin this week. The Republicans have maintained their control of the State Senate, making Gov. Scott Walker victorious despite protests following his move to limit bargaining rights for public workers. […]

Nine Year Old Girl’s Tragic Death May Save Thousands

A 9-year-old girl’s heart-wrenching story has spread across the US, drawing more than $745,000 in donations and supporting clean water for almost 40,000 people. Rachel Beckwith of the Seattle area had a wish to give back for her ninth birthday. She asked friends and family to donate her birthday money to a fundraising page which […]

iPhone 4 Survives Skydiving Fall

The iPhone 4 has a reputation as a fragile device; a mere fall from a table has been known to crack the glass. It’s not surprising that Jarrod McKinney of Minnesota was “just absolutely shocked” when his iPhone fell from his pocket while skydiving; and survived! When it fell during a 13,500 feet jump, McKinney […]

New York’s New Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

This week, New York has celebrated one huge engagement party as hundreds of same-sex couples rush to fulfill their often years-long dreams of marriage following the state’s new bill. Signed by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo late last Friday, the same-sex marriage legislation is expected to increase New York’s economy by $284 million. A report by […]

Georgetown Welcomes Unlikely Friends at Book Signing

According to the Daily Mail, residents of Georgetown, South Carolina were thrilled to take part in Suryia and Roscoe’s book signing. Literally hundreds of fans flocked to the bookstore just to get a glimpse of the unlikely friends. A Primate and a Dog Suryia is an orangutan and Roscoe a Bluetick hound. The two met […]

The Google Car Tours California

Californians may be familiar with Google’s new project- the Toyota Prius that drives on its own! Using artificial intelligence software, the car senses its surroundings, ‘makes decisions’ and reacts the way a human driver would. 7 Test Drives So far, Google has launched seven test drives. Each test includes a real person behind the wheel […]

Hines Ward: A Steeler and a Trophy-Winning Dancer

Hines Ward, Steelers wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP, now has another reason to make Pittsburgh proud- the Mirror Ball Trophy!Competing with Chelsea Kane with partner Marl Ballas, and Kirstie Alley with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Ward and his partner Kym Johnson dazzled the crowd with their final Samba performance. The pair wore yellow and black, and […]