Being All American in Missouri

There is so much that Americans can take pride in.  The country is full of good-hearted individuals who want to help their fellowmen/women and act on this.  Most recently there has been a huge effort, on the part of concerned citizens about those in need over Christmas and how most effectively to give to them over the holiday season.

It wasn’t just a few wannabe good people on the case either.  In Webster County, southwest Missouri, there were many caring businesses and organizations that came to the rescue as well.  For example, Crossroads Mall donated free space; MidAmerican gave money towards the electric bill; apples came in from Community Orchard; eggs from Sparbo and tons of dolls dressed by locals were donated by Wells Fargo Bank

Next, more than 200 Bikes for Tykes were collected which thereafter, an army of able-bodied men came to assemble.  A substantial amount of food bags was donated by NEW Co-op too.  Then, turning to the Church, caps, gloves, scarves and quilts were sewn by volunteers who were supported by others who sorted them along with other kind donations that arrived via the Church.

So really, one can feel proud to be an American.  Our concerned citizens didn’t just forget about others during their festivities.  They did what they could to ensure as many people as possible were able to enjoy a very merry Christmas.