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Magazine Subscription Savings

Certainly, in a difficult economy, everyone needs to look for ways to trim costs.  One way that people will often recommend is to get rid of the extras in your life.  This might include cable T.V., magazine subscriptions, drinking soda and coffee, going out to the movies and more.  These are great ideas – but […]

The Business Side of Movie-Making

Certainly, most people enjoy going to see a movie.  What they don’t realize, when they sit back for that two hour experience, is just how much business know-how and effort went into the creation of the film. The main person in the movie making process with ties to the business world is the producer.  This […]

Business Help for 2010

Certainly, every business would be happy to save money in 2010.  With the recession hanging heavy over many companies, it is more important than ever to manage well and to find specific ways to cut corners.  One business executive, Daniel Touizer, the CEO of Cinergy Health, offers these specific tips to take advantage of the […]