Business Help for 2010

Certainly, every business would be happy to save money in 2010.  With the recession hanging heavy over many companies, it is more important than ever to manage well and to find specific ways to cut corners.  One business executive, Daniel Touizer, the CEO of Cinergy Health, offers these specific tips to take advantage of the recession while watching the bottom line in 2010.

As a small business owner and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Touizer understands how much money the rent or mortgage can take from a business.  For 2010, he recommends renegotiating your rent, or looking for less expensive office space.  One advantage of the current recession is that commercial vacancy rates around the country are 10% or higher.  Use this to your advantage and find a new, less expensive place to conduct business.

Raw material prices are also down at the moment.  This means that you might be able to buy your business supplies for less and that you can find sales on office furniture, office supplies and more.

Take a look at your personnel and see if you might need to hire people.  While this may sound counterintuitive in a recession, it actually makes sense.  You can find quite talented workers for less.  This can make your company work more professionally and efficiently, while not requiring a huge salary expenditure.

Using these suggestions for almost any business in 2010  just might save you money and help you to get a leg-up in the current recession.