Wise White Rockians

While New Mexico’s White Rock town may be small geographically, it appears that it is rather large in the brain department.  Indeed, the 6,244 population of the town comes up pretty high on the academic scale. Indeed, almost 40 percent of adults living in White Rock have graduate degrees.  Next on the list is Eldorado at Santa Fe.  With a population of 5,973, 33 percent of its adults hold graduate degrees. 

But the city that really gets to the top of the brainy list is Chevy Chase Village.  With a population of 2,000, approximately two-thirds of its residents have graduate degrees.  Somerset and Shorewood Hills scored pretty high too.

The database, put together by BizJournals, comprises rankings of 10,450 in the 1,000 to 9,999 category.  It uses a five-rung educational ladder of the following milestones: a) those who dropped out before graduating high school; b) earned a high school diploma and then quit; c) got an associate degree or finished college but didn’t actually get a degree; d) bachelor’s degree; e) graduate and/or professional degree.