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Marking 150 Years of Heroes’ Death

America has witnessed a few anniversaries of deaths of soldiers recently. Different communities in various states find ways to memorialize these days. Between ceremonies and monumental dedications, readings and more, here are a few highlights of such events. Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne died on a trip he took with best friend US President Franklin Pierce around […]

California Prepares to Boost Earthquake Fault Line Map Efforts

California experiences earthquakes on a regular basis, and small to medium shocks are almost common procedure. However, as history has shown, the fault lines that cut across the state can have much more dangerous effects. The 1906 earthquake that hit San Francisco was especially devastating, taking hundreds of lives, leveling dozens of buildings and starting […]

Remembering JFK This Week

News organizations and companies around the country are getting ready to mark the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. The anniversary, which will be on November 22, certainly opens up old wounds for many. NBC News is marking the anniversary with a week-long series of special reports. These will culminate in a two-hour primetime documentary. This […]

Humble Thank-You Note Marks Kennedy’s First Step to the White House

It is an American myth that John F. Kennedy, despite his shortened term as President, brutally terminated by an assassin’s bullet, was one of the most beloved of presidents. He was a symbol of youth for the emerging baby boomers who were just coming of age; he was a war hero; his ideas were imaginative […]

Between the Lines: Ronald Reagan

This year is the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth. The 40th president of the United States, Reagan was well known for his laid back attitude and his sense of humor, and his popularity has brought on many tributes and exhibitions in his honor, this year. On Monday, July 4th, a ten-foot statue of the smiling […]