New Mexico: Zarsha Leo Restaurant-Bar

For those who like eating their fries and sliders at a bar with an edge, they will be happy to learn about Zarsha Leo.  This new restaurant-bar franchise, headquartered in NYC, has started to expand, not only throughout the nation, but also internationally.

Meanwhile, work is being undertaken to develop the bar’s presence throughout different States of America too.  Those living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for example, can enjoy the eatery to relax and meet up with friends.  As CEO of the franchise, Evan Burschkopf says, “I have always envisioned building up my empire and thanks to the support of good friends who have believed in Zarsha Leo, this is actually happening now.  Since my parents still live in Albuquerque, opening a branch in the city is like a dream come true for me.”