New Hampshire Inmates Bring Holiday Cheer to Seniors

Last week, a few jail inmates from the New Hampshire area did something really positive over the Christmas season.  They were taken out of jail for just long enough to sing Christmas carols to senior citizens in the neighborhood. They were hardly the most harmonious, delightful singers, but the thought was there.  And the residents at the nursing home in Rockingham County, sure appreciated it.

The seniors had Rev. Kent Threlfall to thank for this endeavor.  The criminals’ singing to seniors was something that used to be organized quite a lot during different parts of the year, but has been put on the backburner over the last ten years or so.  Now, the jail inmates get together a few times a year to perform for seniors in the area.

After they sang their Christmas carols, they sat and spoke with the seniors and then enjoyed some apple crisp with them.  A good time was had by all.