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Michigan Needs Tax Assistance

Apparently, the current situation in Michigan today is that it has become almost impossible for businesses to succeed with the current situation of the state’s personal property tax. Further, if this continues, life for the regular guy in the street – the state taxpayer – will become unbearable too. And the lame excuse that is […]

Adam Roseman CEO of ARC China

Its not so popular these days to be daring with money, but that is just what many consider Adam Roseman to be…outright daring.  As CEO of ARC China, Adam Roseman invests large amounts of capital into throdworld areas, like some regions in China with prospects of making back money when those local companies turn a […]

Magazine Subscription Savings

Certainly, in a difficult economy, everyone needs to look for ways to trim costs.  One way that people will often recommend is to get rid of the extras in your life.  This might include cable T.V., magazine subscriptions, drinking soda and coffee, going out to the movies and more.  These are great ideas – but […]