Amazing Assets in Austin, Texas

Most people know that Texans are fiercely loyal to their state.  What people often don’t know, however, is how loyal people in Austin are to their town.  Austin is an amazing place to live.  While it’s relatively small in size and quaint, it also has a wealth of cultural activities, intellectual pursuits, green spaces and more.

While many large cities are hardest hit by the recession, a smaller location like Austin is booming at the moment.  Austin condos are being built at a rapid rate, and there are fantastic opportunities to own Austin real estate within walking distance to work, shops and so much more.  Many new collections, including Barton Place condominiums, offer a variety of floor plans, beautiful designs, and great values.

For nature lovers, Austin is awesome.  With over 175 parks and over 15,000 acres of wilderness and park land, you’ll enjoy hiking, biking, boating and more.  In addition, Austin boasts that they have a nationally-recognized “green” program.  Austin real estate projects, condo owners and homeowners are rewarded when they build and outfit their homes and business with energy-efficient products.

Austin has it all for the taking!